Not Making Any Demands

I have been revisiting a thought form which is quite familiar to me. It is my perception that some people find me a little odd and do not really know what to make of me. People expect to be brown-nosed; I don’t do this.

This thought form has to it a number of strands.

I tend not to make many if any demands and generally do not have a “what is in it for me” mentality. Many people are nearly always on the make, they are after something or wanting it. Maybe they covet “it”, whatever it may be. It seems to me than many find this hard to comprehend, the no demands thing.

When I say to people that I don’t negotiate, the vast majority it seems to me, assume that this is a negotiation strategy. So, when they try to apply some negotiational leverage and I walk away bored they get confused. I am not playing the game the way it is supposed to be played. Some people do a lot of this, negotiation and bartering thingy. It was not unusual, in the past, for an academic to get a job offer somewhere else in order to negotiate promotion at their current institution. Others use sequential job changes to increase salary.

Not quite sure why this popped into my head…it did and is still there.

It is lunchtime and as is the case all over France, work stops, people gather and eat.

So, we have a bit of peace and quiet, the wife is having a nap after a poor night’s sleep in not our usual bed. I am typing and will go for a stroll around the pond. When 14:00 arrives I will be allowed by prefectural decree to fire up the petrol strimmer.

In the meantime, I might gather up some leaves, of which there are plenty.