What is the Karma from Maltreating an Initiate of High Degree?

In the works of the Tibetan there is a great deal of material pertaining to the various initiations and the ashrams of the planetary hierarchy. The number of people affiliated to the Arcane School grows. Last time I looked there were large numbers of people available for forming a triangle and “blue book” study groups are to be found all over the world. There is one here in our prefecture.

How would your average Joe know if they were interacting with an initiate of high degree?

The short answer is that they probably would not.

The vast majority of people on this planet are unaware of the “blue books”. Though many have now read Blavatsky and Bailey.

It is possible that an initiate of high degree would appear weird to average Joe. This might lead them to ostracize him/her and gossip about him/her. They may be being punitive and discriminatory to a being with an evolved consciousness and perhaps feeling thoroughly justified in so doing. It would not occur to them that there might be extra karmic implications to their actions. It might not occur to them that they are scuppering their chances of being put forward for initiation by a potential sponsor. It may not occur to them that all initiates of high degree are group conscious and that the mind and the experiences of a fellow initiate can be read at a distance by his/her colleagues.

Moreover, said putative initiate of high degree may have been inserted as a behavioural barometer into the dense physical plane as a kind of experiment and fathoming line. He/she might be feeding his/her experiences back telepathically.

I suspect that the karmic implications of maltreating an initiate of high degree are somewhat enhanced as opposed to simply maltreating another average Joe.

This raises a question.

How might an initiate of high degree raise the subject of his/her initiatory status to let’s say a practising scientist maybe a famous professor without becoming the subject of ridicule, disbelief and bah poppycock?

Well, they might write a very long shaggy dog story in which they reveal, piecemeal, various bits of “evidence” so that the sceptical omniscient professor might start to have a few gravitationally influenced pennies as the various conceptual building blocks were put in place in order to act as foundation stones…