More Plumbing and Trying to Conserve Some Energy

We have had two and a half days of heavy duty plumbing now. The floors are made from steel reinforced concrete and the walls of concrete bricks. They make damn fine concrete here because they blunt my amateur drill bits like nobody’s business. The plumber has a handheld version of the tool they use to dig up roads and it has been noisy, to understate.

As a rule of thumb those of us who are strongly introverted find it a bit draining when our space is intruded upon. The plumber himself is quiet and careful but there is no way he can do his work without noise.

There is the background tension of waiting for the biopsy results so the idea of sitting on a hard chair for 90 minutes trying to learn a foreign language in another foreign language seemed a little too much. Nerves are a tad frayed. The Breton classes focus on conversation, so they are usually noisy.

In order to conserve rather than expend energy we have decided to have the evening off. We might swing by tomorrow to explain.


Hear that silence… it is just F.A.B.