The Biggest Bet of Your Life

Mesdames et messieurs faites vos jeux….

Philosophically speaking the biggest bet you will ever make in your life is perhaps your choice of belief system. This bet will come to fruition at the moment of your death. If you believe in one lifetime only, a brain-based consciousness, when you die you simply cease to be. If you believe in heaven and hell, you will either go to the pearly gates or the barbecue downstairs. If you believe in reincarnation you will return to the abstract bank of souls awaiting another piece of meat. You may or may not have some kind of consciousness when out of meat.

If you are putting your eggs in the pearly / barbecue basket then you are betting that your ill deeds will be small enough to avoid the griddle.

But people don’t think much about this.

If they want to covet, shag themselves stupid or be corrupt, it does not occur to them that they will be assigned to the charcoal. They do not imagine that they will benefit from the karmic “rewards” in a future life. People do whatever it is they want to do and don’t think all that much about the consequences.

I am placing my bet on there being some consciousness after meat death. Why? Because unless I have been totally kidding myself, I have opened the crown chakra and was able to project my consciousness outside of my body. I also know that I can reduce my brainwave activity below the detection limit of a simple frontal lobe electroencephalograph.

People don’t like to think about their own death, it gets in the way of acquisitional materialism.

On what are you placing your bet?