Reading Cancer Literature, Modus Operandi, and The Pond

Yesterday we did a lot of pond maintenance which involved cutting back the dying irises and reeds. As a result, we had a full trailer, and the pond is starting to look like a navy marine recruit after their first buzz cut, we are about 80% done. We took the trailer to the tip this morning so we are good to go and can perhaps finish the autumn buzz cut tomorrow.

If you work with people over a period of a decade or more you come to understand their modus operandi, their way of thinking and their parameter space of how they view the world. Such a modus does not change that much over time and it becomes predictable even boring. Some people imagine that the offer of money is so tempting as to be irresistible. This is because they project their mindset and “values” on to others. They imagine that an agreed corporate “solution” will be an offer which one may not refuse. They will sit round a table in a nice room and make plans for Alan. Maybe they have prepared a fait accompli to offer and manipulate with.

Sierra Sierra Delta Delta

After the biopsy result on Friday, I have been delving deep into the literature on sarcoma. Checking through the histology and genetic markers to understand what they mean. The biopsy was inconclusive, and I need to get my head around the possibilities. Way back when my mother had a biopsy, because she was a smoker, they concluded lung cancer before getting a full evidence set. They were wrong. People always want the bleeding obvious and dogmatic to be true. So many conclude way before it is time to conclude.

Tut tut tut a smoker deserves to die.

Aren’t human beings truly wonderful?