The Calm Before the Storm?

I have been getting this feeling on and off today. Is this the calm before the storm?

I mean this not just locally for us, but more globally.

We may have to spring into action on the healthcare front. I have not heard anything about my patent application for a long time and there was that dream about various London based academics gathering around a table to offer me a job. When you have been exposed to someone’s mind-set one knows the kind of thing that makes “sense” to them.

A mind-set is just that a set mind, leopards do not lose their spots.

It looks like the brown stuff is starting to hit the fan in Eastern Europe.

There may well be a mass humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Madagascar etc.

Inflationary pressures will start to cause interest rates to rise from nothing towards something more painful.

We have a river, a log burner and a pile of logs. The roof looks in pretty good condition.

The climate change summit agreement was not exactly radical.

The Franco-English cod war has gone temporarily quiet…

Article 16…

Biden telephones the Irish rugby team to congratulate them on what was a brilliant performance.

The European Covid numbers are heading upwards towards the British ones…

Over five million dead… what pandemic?  

Everything is hunky-dory let’s get back to “normal”.

Let’s just squabble and fuss and fight and bicker just like we always do….