veuillez patienter

When we first arrived amongst the first words in French I came across were these. They were on the card readers at supermarket check outs and on the ATM machines

The wife has spoken to the secretary at the oncologist who we are due to see in two weeks’ time. It seems like a PET scan could be a further two weeks hence from that date.

To my mind this is the wrong way round.

It would be better to have the PET scan and then see the specialist because they would have some new information to discuss.

Things can be very bureaucratic here.

When we were first trying to access the health system, the guys at the local office told us to use our EHIC cards. We knew this would not work but could not get the point across to people being adamant. So, we had to jump through the loops until they found a correct way.

We have found one diagnostic company in the UK which says that we might not need a referral for a PET scan. I am sorely tempted to knock one up myself. I am sure that I could do a convincing one.

I have emailed this company and will perhaps call later on today.

Alternatively, I might have to find a way around various gatekeepers and speak directly to a UK consultant myself, personally.

I have just asked to be put back on ResearchGate. That way I can build a profile for them to look at should that be needed. I can also send messages to consultants on that vehicle.

veuillez patienter