Rendez-vous Avec Fluorodeoxyglucose (18F)

Well at last it seems that the wife is going to have a rendezvous with some Fluorodeoxyglucose (18F) next week. She will have many antimatter-matter encounters and produce multiple pairs of 511 keV photons.

This lunchtime we saw the GP and she was kind enough to write up a prescription for a PET scan. Then just as I had finished preparing the document set for the Swiss clinic, the ‘phone went.

We had mentioned that we might go to Switzerland or the UK for the scan to the GP and then two hours later the appointment arrived.

So, we should have data for the oncologist and a better idea of what is transpiring in about ten days from now.

It does not matter now if I get a ResearchGate account or not. No need to pursue it then.

We have a prescription to pick up from the Pharmacist. If it is 18-FDG it will be on appointment day, the half life is short.

Seems a bit odd to send the 18-FDG to the pharmacist. Perhaps the prescription is for more Iodine based CT contrast agent. While the wife is in the machine, they could do both types of scan.

Another weird roller coaster day…