Unexpected Tooth Extraction

My face is starting to become less numb now. With everything else that has been going on I have had a course of antibiotics for a painful dental abscess which worked. The dentist then tried to put a temporary repair in, and I was due back there in a couple of weeks’ time. She was going to try to save my tooth.

But the temporary filling came out, so I was back there this morning. She has the most comfortable ergonomic dental chair that I have ever sat in. She examined the hole where the filling was and noticed that the tooth had now cracked. It is a bit odd having a dental exam in a foreign language. There are only so many things that can be said so it is possible to interpolate. She removed a cracked piece of tooth and then tried to budge the remainder.

I don’t know if they use more local anaesthesia here or not, but it didn’t really hurt. It did move a bit, so she called in her husband who is also a dentist, and he completed the extraction. I was tag teamed by a couple of married dentists, a first for me. I think they are both very skilful.

It was the least painful extraction I have had and one which I was totally not expecting.

It is probably best that the little blighter of a tooth is out. It will mean one less up and down horse on the medical merry-go-round. In a short while it will be up to the pharmacist to get my prescription and to find out what the hospital has faxed them for the wife.

Yes, they still use faxes here. I was sat the other day in the surgery, and I heard the tell-tale sound of a fax transmission. It took me quite a while to figure out what it was.

The last time I faxed was 2018 when I had to figure out how the fax on my printer-scanner-photocopier-fax worked.

Guess who I was faxing? It was my bank in Paris…