Five Hours in A&E and Rattling About

It is pissing down outside, and I am alone in this huge house for the first time in over two years. I am rattling about a bit; there a few big sighs and that glass of wine is helping a little.

This afternoon we were planning to go up to the coast as an outing, but the wife’s shortness of breath was getting worse. I read the patient information pamphlet for one of her medications and it said seek advice or go to A&E. Calmly we measured her pulse rate and then got into the car and drove to A&E. She was starting to look a bit grey.

Anyway, admission was swift and within twenty minutes she was in a fully equipped resuscitation room. In these times shortness of breath can mean Covid-19. So, the protocol on admission is rapid Covid-19 PCR swab test. I have had one of these and they are not fun. She is Covid negative.

I waited for ~ three hours in the A&E waiting room and eventually a nurse came to see me. I was allowed into the holy of holies. There she was all hooked up to the machines and with oxygen. Her blood oxygenation was ~ 95 % and she was pink again.

The CT scans show that she has some fluid in her lungs which might account for the shortness of breath.

It is my turn to be the hospital visitor…

I will be back with my Covid vaccination pass tomorrow.

They won’t let me in without one…

What times they are in which we live…