What a Whirlwind Week!

It is cold and windy outside. I have gotten drenched with rain and hail. The log burner is now up to temperature. There are multiple incense sticks burning. There is a glass of Sauvignon Blanc next to the mouse mat. To my left are the detailed 18F-FDG PET scan reports which I have been trying to interpret and translate. I think I have the gist of them now.

Well probably more than that. I can understand medical journal articles. Sometimes comprehension is a curse and not a blessing.

At the hospital, face mask on, with my alcohol gel washed hands I went to the wife’s now calm single room and set up the 4G box for a Skype call with her concerned brother. I had summarised the findings to him the night before. We can do comms from there, from that sanitised place. Comms operational. You have to wear a mask to see someone with an advanced cancer. It is protocol don’t you now.

Foxtrot foxtrot sierra!

It was only last Sunday that I took her into A&E. What a week! After removal of shit loads of liquid from her lungs again, her oxygenation is above 96%.

She is off to the University Hospital in Rennes next week. So, I might treat myself to a really nice hotel room so that I can visit in style. I know how to do hotels. Rennes is 140km from here. I might rent a gite, later on.

The bloody car already knows the way to the hospital. I don’t have to drive it; it goes there on its own by autopilot.

When I arrive usually at 1pm, 1.5 legs lady is sat in her wheelchair by the front door having an after-dinner smoke. We will perhaps be saying tu to each other soon…

Big sigh…

They don’t do afternoon tea or cucumber sandwiches here.

So, I will take the French coffee press, some finest Brazilian ground coffee, and a kettle.

I’ll smell the damn place out with some fresh gourmet damn fine coffee!!

I had better have something to eat…now.

Chilli chicken and pilau rice, methinks.