People Do Not Like Being Real

Big sigh…

They do not wish to face an uncomfortable reality. Reality makes them want to shit bricks, so they take refuge in platitudes. They mean well, but…platitudes do not really help.

Over the last few days or so I have been the bearer of bad tidings to several. The wife has metastatic, stage 4, disease.

On Friday, the doctor bottled and left if to me to spell it out to her. It is not the first time that this has happened. Maybe I have a bigger pair than most.

People do not like being real.

I know what this means and come what may I can hopefully handle it. It would be better if it was me, suffering, but it is not.

I cannot control everything.

Yeah, it is interesting at times of crisis you can see how far some people have their head far, oh so far, up their own arses. Crisis demarcates and brings clarity.

I reckon me being real has been at the core of many of my problems with “political” society. They foxtrotting hate it.

I do not give a shit right now.

Big sigh…

I have had a nice pizza and tomorrow the space aged car on autopilot will take me to the hospital one more time.

I have written to my pal Elon Musk to thank him for the taxi service.

He was already putting AI into 10-year-old Peugeot 207s. Luckily ours came from area 51.

Just like the Bill Gates vaccine chip…


People do not like it.