Struggling with Cultural Differences – What is Wrong with These People?

It is really strange, two countries separated by only a few miles, are so markedly different in outlook.

I am coming to realise that France has more of a pass the buck mentality. It is not my fault. It is not my responsibility. Then it, the process, dies, it gets inert there are no solutions proposed, the guillotine of responsibly falls bang. It is zee system. Zat is how it is.

 Despite being a so called “republic” it is way more hierarchical than in the UK. The Doctor is God.

I went to the hospital with the express purpose of seeing the oncologist today. I had read many of her research articles as preparation. I drove 140km in the pouring rain and hung around. I waited. I waited some more. When we explained that I was waiting to see the doctor before embarking on the long journey home, they told me not to worry.

They did not mention that said doctor was not even in the house that day because she had been pinged for a Covid contact.

What the foxtrot is wrong with these people????

I could have left hours earlier and driven home before dark.

They really do not like being bearers of “bad” news. Please, just tell me the foxtrot how it is, don’t avoid it, say nothing and hope it will all go away! I can take it on the chin.

That is such a shit and non-proactive way to be.

In the UK the patient is a customer. If they did this behaviour there, there would be a massive uproar.

Is it really down to shit French low self-esteem? We deserve to suffer, we deserve to wait, we deserve to get foxtrotting frustrated with all of the shit. Bof, it is our lot. There is not a lot we can do about it.

What is wrong with these allegedly intelligent people?

They are intelligent but very inert!!!