Matter Antimatter Imagery

Bit of a strange day so far. I have seen the wife in a new light. This was recorded when antimatter collided with matter in her body. I have seen her in gamma rays, man.

I am not sure anyone should ever see a PET scan of their nearest and dearest alone on the kitchen table. Freaky. It is Friday after all, freaky-Friday.

But this is one thing that the French let you have, your own data. I appreciate this.

In the UK this is quasi-secret.

I have just spoken with what sounded to be a very young person on the ‘phone. She is an oncologist. She has given me the name of a hypothesis which the pathologist has. They are trying out new cell stain markers to test said hypothesis and have taken bloods for a similar purpose.

I have done a brief internet search, and should the pathologist’s hypothesis be right then that would be good news.

Tomorrow the wife gets out of hospital for 48 hours. She has a temporary get out of jail pass….

I can cook her some proper food and open up a little bottle of Prosecco for her. After all the needles and shit she can sit in front of the fire in a real and not antiseptic world.

In hospitals there is not a lot of green, real green.

Interestingly in Breton natural green is called glas, which means blue both in Breton and Welsh. Synthetic green is gwer, a wine bottle is gwer. Our garden is glas.

I have suggested to her visualizing walking by the pond and tomorrow she might just be able to do this.

Rollercoaster city Arizona…