Maybe a road trip?

I am getting very frustrated with the way things are being done here…

Ten fucking days for a pathology report!! That is how it is, for fucks sake.

She may die in the meantine, bof it is ZE sytem. Zat is how it works!!

There is nothing we/I can do,

Well there is you can tell those motherfuckers it is urgent!!

Each day you do fuck all, she is closer to dying, that is reality!!

I have a microsope here. I could do it quicker.

Seriously….if you want…

Maybe time to pay, to do this swiss thing…

Take it out of the slow leviathan system, here.

This is shit!!!

I am perhaps about to go on a warpath, unless,

Come to Brittany they said, set up a new business, create new jobs,


Fucking unimpressed.

I will tak to my pals at the BBC

This is so fucking shit that I am having problems believing it,

Bienvenue Alan!

We are so welcoming and inclusive

If you can’t get your shit together I am on the phone to Switzerland tomorrow,

I am not a happy bunny