Releasing The Pressure of The Battle

It is written that whenever a warrior has the need he turns to whatever it may be, a stone, a person, even a God and he releases the pressure of the battle.

I guess I did a bit of that last night.

The main problem for me is that I know without doubt that I could organize this stuff so much better and with a higher degree of competence.

I am next to powerless in this situation and those with the power are shit.

Amazon is having a laugh.

It has recommended a white lab coat to me. I should maybe buy one and together with the stethoscope I bought to figure on the plumbing, I could wander around the hospital pretending to be a doctor.

Just seen the GP and she is pretty sad about how things are panning out.

Anyway, I have a letter, an attestation to translate into English so that my brother-in-law can give it to the medical insurance companies and get across the border.

A bit knackered…and waiting for Primagaz to do their check on our cistern.