48 Hour Get Out of Gaol Pass

A little under two weeks ago we were planning to go for a gentle stroll on the beach then when I saw her breathing, we headed to A&E instead. It has been tempestuous time for the wife and a bit of a whirlwind for me. I think she has had just about every type of scan possible and has been carted here there and everywhere.

She was granted a 48-hour pass to come home so after another 300km round trip she is sat in our lounge in front of a log fire. The driving conditions were better today, not so many huge lorries and a lot less surface water on the road.

She is a bit shell shocked and emotional at coming home. The silence is by contrast to a hospital ward, deafening.

The pond is overflowing in plug hole corner and Le Jaudy is pretty high.

When we turned off the main road towards home there was a rainbow over our house. Which she filmed. She went for a stroll down to the greenhouse then as the temperature dropped, she headed into the house. There was a massive hailstorm and some thunder. Nature laid on a good welcome.

I will be cooking my first “proper” dinner for a fortnight. Roast chicken with roast vegetables. It is time to rattle some pans and restore some normality after what has been a crazy time…