Self-Centred Mess and SARS-Ninja-CoV-3

A while back I predicted that unless people adopted a global approach to this pandemic it was very likely that the virus would mutate and severely so. We have a new variant which is not so easily defended against by the older vaccine generated immunity. In the UK they boasted about the wonderful vaccine roll-out, world-beating, allegedly. Meanwhile in the poor countries the virus mutates, and the pandemic drags on. How much will it have to mutate until it is designated SARS-CoV-3? What alphabet will they use for variants when they have exhausted the Greek one? Perhaps we shall start on the kanji…

This me first orientation, or self-centred behaviour can cause mess. The UK had a health secretary who snogged his mistress when he was telling everybody else to socially distance. And there is a prime minister who held a Christmas party when lockdown was on. It is one rule for us deities and quite another for you, the plebs. I think they lost the willing cooperation of the British a long time ago. They are only being tolerated now and in a very British way. It is a foxtrotting shambles.

I can think of multiple examples where blinkered self-centred behaviours have induced ginormous and long-lasting messes. Messes that are intractable to solution and which cannot be cleaned up. People with pathological and morbid autoproctological self-interest never imagine the consequences. In their self-diagnosed omniscience, they are unaware of anything other than their own wishes and desires. They know best after all.

According to the myth the last time humanity has its head so far up its own arse the planetary logos destroyed Atlantis….

We have a world beating vaccination programme, it does not matter if the brown people or Latinos get Covid. WE are just fine and dandy. Are we not smart, smug and clever?