Rarely Less Than Ten Minutes Early

As I walked around the pond just now, I was reflecting on differences. In MBTI terms we are INFJ and ISFJ. Of the two of us I am perhaps the bigger early freak. Both of us have high J scores. I am rarely less than ten minutes early for any appointment and if that appointment is at a distance, I will allow maybe at least an hour of temporal slippage and have been known to be over an hour early. Back when I was smoking this was just fine.

Medical appointments with consultants here are like gold dust. When I arrived at the hospital a 14:45 I went to reception for a 15:00 appointment, the lady there said that the wife had not yet arrived!!! I was astounded.

As I stood there my wife called me from the taxi, which was transporting her, she was still more than twenty minutes away. The admissions protocols to French hospitals can be lengthy and time consuming. The wife was having kittens metaphorically speaking.

The previous Saturday when I arrived at the posh private cancer unit for a 13:00 visiting slot. I arrived at the front door having waited in the car for ten minutes. A tiny young woman opened the door and looked at the clock I was early. It was 12:55 and still technically lunchtime. She told me I had to wait before going up to the ward. I was so tempted to get into a circular I do not understand dialogue but did not I was a good boy. I sat and waited as I was told to do.

Then yesterday as the taxi driver was assisting us up in the lift, he said that we were only twenty minutes late for our appointment and that this was not serious.

I nearly decked him there and then. I did not think that this would have ameliorated the wife’s anxiety.

Take home message, it is OK to be twenty minutes late but not five minutes early especially during the holy and sacred time in and around midi.