Become At-one With the Mystery

It has been a very long three weeks and I am unsure, from time to time, what day of the week it is. It does not really matter so long as it is not Sunday. Most of the shops are truly shut then.

I nearly joked at the pharmacy if they had a loyalty card scheme. We would get lots of bonus points.

It is slightly strange, if you want to get vaccinated you have to get the vaccines from the pharmacy and take them to the doctor or nurse to be injected. They trust you to keep the vaccine {not Covid} in the fridge.

So, because the wife is going to start treatment next week and will become immuno-compromised, we are having several vaccinations early next week including our Covid booster jabs.

In the background I can feel / see various threads converging in the web of life.

I am going to treat this situation using the fourth postulate of stalking and the forth aspect of the stalker’s rule.

“Once he has entered into battle, a warrior abandons himself to his actions by allowing his spirit to flow free and clear. Only then do the powers of destiny guide us by paving the way.”

It is pretty odd to go into all the shops festooned with Christmas decorations, at the moment.

I guess looking forward our hermitage is a good place in which to undergo cancer therapy, its relative isolation makes it less full of other people’s germs and viruses.

Still doing quite a lot of sighing….