How does this play to external Audiences?

What would a venture capitalist, if pointed at this site, make of the contents herein?

Would they imagine that I am a complete and utter nutter to be discarded and discounted or that all is not entirely well in SW7 etc.?

There is a hint and a smell… a whiff of sometimg untoward?

How credible might I seem, face to face?

What would happen if I wrote to…say…pick a publication of your choice.

I know, by seeing, that there is a deal of monitoring.

Don’t you see?

A big powerful organisation like you monitoring a tiny individual like me is disproportionate?

I am not a terrorist threat.

I don’t suppose that there is any way to get through to you.

The wagons are circled and with my bow and arrow pitted against your Winchesters and Gattling guns, I am the enemy.

You will on your own plane win, but on other planes you will be found sorely wanting as beings. You will lose way more than you ever imagined.

There in no PDRP of the Soul, no foxtrotting league tables.

I have tried and failed. But get this, it is you who have failed way more than I…

At least I tried…