Is Three the Number of Conspiracy?

I have been making a cheese sauce with old Gouda. Whilst I was doing this I kept getting “when shall we three meet again?” breaking through into consciousness, the witches from Macbeth.

I wondered what the minimum number of a conspiracy is. Logically two people cannot, in vacuum, conspire because they lack the person or thing which they conspire against. Conspiracy requires a victim or target, or a planned object / objective of deceit. One can deceive another at the level of two, but a conspiracy requires a third.

Deception can be binary, but conspiracy is at the very minimum, tertiary. It takes two to tango, if you like, but even a tango must have music, or it is nothing.

Often it is gangs of three who conspire and thereby take conspiracy further into the quaternary. There is so often a little cabal of three, whispering in the shadows. And those threes propagate out in threes on a nudge, nudge, wink, wink, need to know basis.

It is often a three onto one conspiracy so to speak.

Shakespeare, ever the observer wrote his masterpiece on conspiracy, deceit, treachery and ultimately of karma.

Yeah, you can’t have a binary conspiracy it must at the very least be tertiary in terms of cast and staging. One cannot conspire against a second because conspire requires a “con” or with.

So, three is the very minimum basis set of conspiracy, two to conspire and one to be conspired against. Two people in secret breathe {spiro} against another. They whisper behind palms, lest anyone hear their machinations…

Nasty hobbits….

Hush boy…

From where you are, you can hear their dreams…there under milkwood.