A Complete Lack of Human Competence

As a part of my work up concerning cancer, I have been asking myself what if anything is still eating me.

It became very clear to me during the night that the circumstance surrounding my departure from my former employer demonstrated a complete lack of human competence amongst my colleagues. I cannot recall a single one of them saying goodbye.

It was not really happening. There was no big BS leaving do.

I can recall one of them saying when I visited subsequently, “what are YOU doing here?” It was not welcoming, perhaps he had inherited some of my workload.

That is the problem with escapism. If you avoid a potentially awkward situation, it does not go away. But that is what many of the English do, avoid potentially emotionally awkward situations. They stick their head in the sand and pretend.

“There is no pandemic it is just like flu…”

Bunch of wankers really…