Contingency or Last-Minute Dot Com?

Sat here with coronavirus booster arm and seasonal flu arm, it all looks so very frantic in the UK. Boris waiting, once again, until the very last moment to launch yet another overly dramatic drama. It looks shit and utterly disorganised.

The wife got four jabs yesterday.

The people in the waiting room were clearly anxious to get their boosters even though in our district we are only~200 cases per hundred thousand. Some had arrived hours early for their appointment.

Chemo and immunotherapy start this week. So, I have been thinking about contingencies. I have used my extensive knowledge of high-resolution spectroscopy to cut and stack some logs this afternoon. There are about two weeks’ worth in the veranda now.

Probably better put together an overnight bag in case she is admitted after round one of therapy.

It is pretty clear what I am, as sole carer, going to be doing for the next few months.

We are going to have to up the hygiene protocols and try to blag some oxygen.

If not, I have seen a more than half decent oxygen concentrator advertised for 350 euros.

If I can run an MOCVD reactor or a REMPI-TOF I should be able to run one of those even in my dotage.

Better get a few days shopping in.

And now when I go out in the garden, I take the ‘phone. Just in case.

We are getting some commercial logs delivered and the balance of those and home grown should see us through to April.

We may need one more fill of propane. But we now have a loyalty bonus price which is 2/3 of the starting one.

Looks like I am in for a compassion test. How boundless will my ocean of compassion be?

It remains to be seen…

Om mane padme hum