A Whole Lotta Suffering

I had a look at Worldometer just now it said that there have been 271 million cases of Covid 19 and some 5.3 million deaths.

That is a whole lotta suffering.

The disease expert on the telly said that this coronavirus is here to stay.

And yet people are highly complacent. They want to get back to “normal”.

It never occurs to them that their “normal” may have been causative of this outbreak.

I must travel, knob the mistress, hold yuletide quizzes and stuff my fat face with restaurant grade food.

Our particular battle has been going on since the summer and in earnest for around seven weeks. It is likely to continue. The commercial modern “Christ-Mass” will largely pass unnoticed in the household.

There will be a few Skype calls, but no crackers, silly party harts or corny jokes.

We as a family unit are just one more narrative of suffering which has played out over the last two years.

It is said that pain is inevitable, suffering or dissatisfaction optional. That are a lot of dissatisfied people, dissatisfied with having to be vaccinated and with covid restrictions. There are others who suffer and die.