So Much French

Over the last few weeks or so I have had to speak and hear shed loads of French, some of it highly medical.

Because the wife has a much better command of the language, she is the one who usually does the interaction.

Because she is incapacitated it has been me running around talking with the man doing a gas safety check, speaking on the phone with him, the wood delivery guy, various nurses and the ladies up at the pharmacy. Clearly from time to time some of my Franglais translations do not make sense.

I hate phones, preferring to see a face as that helps my comprehension.

But I have found that using an English word with a “French” accent often seems to do the job. In fact, the more technical the subject the better this works.

In a short while I will pop up to the local nurse’s office. They looked after me when I broke my hip at that time, I hardly spoke any French. They may be in for a surprise.

People continue to say that my French is good. Compared to what I think, your common or garden Brit expat?

The wife thinks that due to my colouring I blend in with locals, so maybe that helps.

In the last 48 hours I have spent something like 8 hours at the hospital…

I will be back there again soon…

I need to have the nurses prepped for next week. All being well they will be coming here every day, for months.

I actually have a quiet half hour and then the wood delivery is due..