Does Anyone Remember the Irrevocable Freedom Day?

Every time I go to visit the wife in hospital, I have to show my QR coded vaccination certificate for two vaccinations. In due course the newer updated one to include our boosters will be available on the government web site.

I can’t remember if it was this year or not. But uncle Boris made a big to do about how Freedom Day was irrevocable. I though at the time “what a complete wanker!! Is he a moron or what?”

Is he out of touch with reality and likelihood or does he really think that chivvying on Brits is a good idea? It is like the Monty Python sketch in which a knight gets his arm cut off. “It is only a flesh wound!”

My brother-in-law is now not allowed to travel from that beacon of Freedom the UK to visit in France. When will Boris make a prompt and timely decision? We heard a lot about the world beating vaccine roll out now the UK is behind. The Montgolfier brothers could harness the Boris as a source for their balloons.

They say we are listening to the scientists and following the data, yes perhaps but with a several week time lag due to indecisiveness. We listened, we failed to act; people died.

Has Boris got some strange Christmas related pathology such that he, the wonderful hero, has to save Christmas from the nasty Virus-Grinch?

It is all a bit bizarre.

Perhaps he had too many {or not enough} floggings at boarding school.

It all looks rather silly from this side of the channel.

It is possible that the wife will come out of hospital tomorrow. But nobody has spoken to me about it. It is secret. Nobody has checked with me. Not one single person, not a nurse, nor a doctor, nor a cleaner. Even the 1.5-legged smoking woman at the front door has not mentioned it to me. This is at best not very courteous.

I may go down there tomorrow afternoon for the chemotherapy appointment, and she might tell me that she is being discharged. So, I will contingency shop and take some pillows in the car on the off chance she is coming home.

Am I supposed to look deep into my crystal ball?