Knocking on Closed Doors

I have tried a couple of times these last few weeks to metaphorically speaking, knock on a door. The notion was to see if there was anything left for me to do with what lies behind that door. And in each case, I have been repulsed with boiling oil.

There is some stuff which prefers to slumber therein.

There is some deep convolved shit behind said door(s).

Its nature is based in evil and deeply in deceit. It is pregnant with lies and misdirection.

During the night I had the word exorcism, the gates of exorcism, in my mind.

Latent evil cannot ever be exorcised, because it is latent.

Borrowed evil however may be.

Latent evil can be inherited into the very matter, the act of inheritance.

I will not knock again…

The various triumvirates gather, this night in parley.

Have I correctly heard your declaration?

And if so, when would you like to commence?

Om ah hum, vajra guru padme siddhi hum…