The Exorcism Theme

Hey, maybe you’re an entirely sane rationalist, but. If I start to talk of exorcism, there may be a part of you that quivers.

Between us, the wife and I know that this is a topic which scares.

It is our joke, “have you ever participated in a full-blown exorcism?”

It is a real party pooper, people may be talking of swinging and threesomes, but full-blown exorcism is not vanilla. It is not even Belgian chocolate.

Most people understand the concept of evil at one level, few have stared it down.

There is a whole bunch of shit on scary spooky TV.

“Oh no, there is a demon from another portal!!”

Evil does not have to cross dimensions it is already here in the minds and the cold crewel “hearts” of men.

If your evil, your manipulative evil was driven out, would you feel a burden released? Might you caress your offspring in love and not in management?

There are two of you, to whom I speak specifically tonight. You are lost, lost in ambition.

Evil, materialism and protection of your assets, has you.

If you let go and seek some kind of redemption….

You and your families will benefit…

I see you both

And I offer you, my compassion.

I am not your enemy; your enemy is your mind and internal dialogue.

This is an offer…