There are Only Two Ways of Looking at This

 I am talking directly to you two. You know who you are.

In your self-diagnosed omniscience, I suspect that you won’t be taking this seriously and that you might think it funny even scoff a little bit.

The first way of looking at this is that I am a complete and utter nut-job who is more than a tad delusional and therefore this is farcical.

The second way of looking at this is that right now you are in the deepest karmic mess that you have ever yet experienced across all of your miserable physical plane incarnations stretching back aeons. When you could have made a major leap forward in this lifetime thanks to your possible interaction with me you have squandered it by and through your utter self-interest and pettiness. The karmic debt ensuing will take countless lifetimes to pay off.

Faites vos jeux…

P.S. is forging my signature on official documentation really a good idea?