Another Problem with The Sacred Hours

Life in France pivots around the sacred hours of lunchtime. These sacred times are more sacred than the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Tell me if I have got this the wrong way around.

If you were going to pick up your Oxygen dependent wife, would you want the Oxygen machine delivered and installed

  1. Before you went down to the hospital to pick her up
  2. At some loosely agreed time hours after you told the nurses you would be going to pick her up. When said machine might take a while to install and get working

I suspect that most people in this situation would opt for 1).

I told the nurses that I planned to get there for 13h. Which they then translated to 14h so as not to sully the sacred lunch time deity. They imagined that 16h was a suitable time for delivery.

I have just had some bloke on the phone suggesting a 16h rdv when I explicitly told the nurse that I would be here all morning waiting for delivery.

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