No Room at the Inn!!

On the news today the UK hospitality sector is complaining that it is facing uncertainty and that there have been many covid related cancellations. Christmas is financially beneficial for the innkeepers and pub landlords.

Two thousand years ago the inns were fully booked, and a pregnant woman and her husband had to bed down in a stable. There according to the narration, she gave birth.

She gave birth to a being whom we celebrate with sexy Santa outfits, a snog under the mistletoe and excess, excess beyond measure. And we call it Christ-mass….

That great deity grows fat on our indulgence

The festival of consumer gluttony and overindulgence is at risk from covid. Oh no!! Thank God Lord Boris has saved the day!! He who cannot keep his John Thomas zipped away in his trousers. Xmas will not be cancelled, not on my watch!!

Isn’t ironic, don’t you think??