Possibly the Quietist Christmas Ever

It is Christmas Eve and in half an hour or so the nurse will tip up to give the wife her anticoagulant heparin. Then I will roll out the dough and make homemade pizza for dinner. The wife will take her cocktail of drugs and retire fairly early. At some stage during the night, I will get a ‘phone call from downstairs to perhaps assist with something like getting out of bed or drug supply.

This evening she manged to walk around the pond, which is more significant than it sounds. It was an oxygen free 200 metres {the pond is quite big}.

The healthcare system is putting a lot of trust in us. The drug regimen is both complex and extensive. There is some pretty hard-core stuff in the “smartie jar”.

We went up to the Pharmacy for the wife to speak with her friends and get a massive dose of “just in case” antibiotics to add to our stash. I am supposed to take her temperature and monitor her blood oxygen saturation. At first sign of fever, whack it with the augmented antibiotics.

We had one skype call to Melbourne this morning to speak with the wife’s mother’s pen pal and her daughter.

We are due a short skype with her brother tomorrow.

Aside from this the only person we will speak with will be the nurse, tomorrow evening.

We may go down to Palacret with the mobile oxygen in the car. Last year there were solitary individuals with dogs having a temporary escape from family Christmas lunacy. We might say bonjour to the odd person there.

Aside from “puffing billy” the oxygen machine it will be ultra-quiet here….

As long as there is no medical emergency it looks like possibly the quietest Christmas ever…