Are You Institutionalised?

I’ll make a suggestion that many people are very heavily institutionalised and may be unaware as to the full extent of that institutionalisation. Normal mean thoroughly institutionalised. Anyone who does not exhibit the same institutionalised behaviours is therefore weird and a complete nut-job. It never occurs to the heavily institutionalised that there are possibilities outside of the limited set of institutionalised thought patterns.

Those in the institution are in fact the crazy ones, but they don’t know it or won’t accept it even as a possibility. All hail the institution.

This notion of institutionalisation has come to the fore because the wife has been away in hospital for quite some time on and off. In that short time, she has acquired some institutionalised behaviours and thought patterns. To various degrees people, are susceptible to herd, hive or shoal like behaviours. They may be completely blind to this and if you point a behaviour out you are the one being critical and closed minded, not they. People will defend their precious institutionalised behaviours and thought patterns as if they are sacrosanct.

It is rumoured that for ages people though the earth was flat, and the cosmos rotated around earth. To say otherwise was punishable by death, literally there was a lot at stake.

Only when you are outside of the asylum can you have perspective as to what occurs therein.

Are you institutionalised?

To what extent?

Are you even open to the possibility that you might be institutionalised?

Did you buy and wrap Christmas presents?