I Am Not an Anthropology Ph.D. Student

The person who first brought the notion of Warrior’s Path to the minds of millions, yes millions. Was an anthropology Ph.D. student.

I have written and spoken about the warrior’s path here and I was, at least for a while, a hardcore physical science academic. I have published > 50 papers in the physical science literature. I have two granted US patents and one under examination.

I wrote the business plan which helped to secure £5million start-up funding for a high technology laser company.

I have studied at and been employed by some pretty fine universities.

I am not a hairy arsed Mexican shaman taking peyote, mushrooms and jimson weed.

Toltec means man of knowledge and this one worked in the very heart of scientific knowledge, but it seems he is shunned for now.

Viewed from any angle this is a strange quirk of fate…

Some hippy-trippy Castaneda-esque dude has spoken at a NATO-ASI conference…

They have installed optical analytical devices in the heart of a semiconductor tool manufacturer, Tokyo Electron.

I can operate in your world, but would you be able to do so, in mine?

Even for just one day?