Largely Unnoticed

Generally, I am of the age which is largely unnoticed. A grey if you like. I am in my late fifties, with a bit of a belly and am slow moving. If I want to be noticed all I have to do is to put on my £800 Belstaff leather jacket, some smart black hard heeled shoes and wear my Ray Ban sunglasses. I transform from old git in a hoody to someone who walks around as if he owns the place. I have tested this out. Beggars rarely approach me when hoodied, put my jacket on and they guess I have spare cash. They ask me for a Euro or two in French, and I usually say something like “I am terribly sorry, but I don’t understand what you are saying.”

It is quite funny for me to think that all the while I was teaching 1999-2006 at a good university nobody there had any inkling that I was actively pursuing the Toltec Teachings. I could operate in their world of committees, grants, research and science and in quite another one altogether. I have of late behaved in a manner consistent with a retired chemistry academic when talking with the various medics. To all intents and purposes that is what people in the “normal” socially conditioned world see. They have no idea of the scope and content of this blog.

 I am to the vast majority of the people some grey, some geezer who has retired. Most are not interested in my back story. I am just a Brit who has a bit more of a go at trying to speak French than average. In general, the interest stops there.

I am largely unnoticed…The amount of stuff I used to do behind the scenes in the aforementioned university was vast. I helped loads of people. But that kind of stuff is not important for research exercises nor promotion for that matter.

I am a grey…unnoticed.

It was funny the other day. I was searching out the pharmacy deep in the bowels of one of the hospitals. I was told that I might have to go outside and come back in. But I reckoned not. I like a challenge. The general public are not supposed to wander around the intestines of a hospital. I did. And nobody challenged me, though I passed several. This was because I exuded confidence that I knew where I was going. I was wearing my posh leather jacket.

They saw me but did not imagine that I probably should not have been there…