The Dragon’s Breath Has Started to Form

Outside over the lawn and above the pond the dragon’s breath has started to form. The mist at Traou an Dour is beginning to coalesce as the sun goes down.

It is quite a groovy feeling. I have always loved mist and fog.

For the first time in a while, I have a clear picture of what my principle role will be for the first quarter of next year. That role with be carer for the wife.

Even if the patent is granted, I would not have any time to do anything with it.

Depending on how you look at things I have squandered my potential in this life or if you flip it, humanity has squandered its potential in respect of what I might have been able to offer it. The English have driven me here into exile, if you like a pinch of drama.

This afternoon I have been out to check the mole traps. The little blighter had dug around one of them. The tunnels at the bottom of the lawn are waterlogged so it has probably retreated to higher ground. There are now ten traps out. I figured the reason we have not been catching the coypu in the traps is human odour. I have left it, the trap, to acclimatise for a couple of weeks. Tonight, I have reset it using my mole catchers’ gloves.

The nurse has just been, she is definitely of the South. Probably she is a Southerly Stalker because I got an email from a Southerly Dreamer yesterday. The wind too is from the South.

The South is the direction of dreaming….