Day 12 and 26,000 Euros

Puffing Billy, the oxygen concentrator, is puffing away in the next room where the wife was having an after-lunch snooze on her hospital bed.

Last night I watched more videos on the UK Myeloma site.

Today I did a rough pricing on the chemo-immuno-therapy treatments, and it looks to be about 26,000 euros per cycle excluding the more standard prophylactic drugs.

They have agreed for six cycles or ~150,000 euros of initial treatment. This does not include the price of the stem cell self-transplant which no doubt is very costly because of the degree of specialism.

I am so glad that we are living here, and the French authorities are being kind enough to pay for it.

I have looked at some American web sites and they have payment plans. Imagine being ill and having to bicker and argue about who is paying for your potentially lifesaving treatment…

It seems that we are living in something like a parallel universe. Time, the day of the week etc. seem to have little meaning. But there are external appointments. We are day 12 of 112, the first four cycles.

There is no dilution by friends and relatives tipping up at the door. It is just us 24/7, well very nearly. I do go out of the compound to the shops on occasion.

At the moment she is fragile and needs help getting out of bed and out of the car. I have to help her get dressed in the morning. I do all the food and all the drugs. I measure temperatures in case of infection and oxygen blood saturation levels. I do the washing and in a short while I will run the vacuum cleaner around.

This is a marathon of an altogether different kind….it is a journey that has only just started.

Day 12…is that all?