Are Tangled Webs Counter Entropic?

I am often amazed that people who have allegedly studied thermodynamics and in fact profess it to others, when they can be arsed, do not transfer said “knowledge” into their own lives.

Anyone with even a mediocre understanding of thermodynamics knows that the universe seeks to increase entropy. It does not want to micromanage and artificially reduce access to the number of available microstates. That is unnatural.

But those prone to manipulation and intrigue seek to expend their available energy in a counter entropic way. They want to control, restrict.

Imagine a polymer curled up into a tight ball. Place it into a solvent. Would it stay tight and curled and tangled? It depends upon the balance of energetics. Entropy says unfurl. Enthalpy may say stay bound. But hey the solvent may start to swing the equation.  If the polymer unfurls there may be energetic benefits from polymer-solvent interactions.

If something wants to unfurl because of the need for entropy, irrespective of the energy expended to prevent it, it will unfurl, unravel.

The arrow of time is, irreversible.