From Alpha to Omega – Who Cares About Variants?

In all the discussion in the media I have notice a whopping great hole. People go on about not overwhelming hospitals, about Covid induced staff shortages as each day hundreds of thousands of new cases sample the virus mutation potential energy hypersurface.

It is the large pink elephant in the room.

It seems that people are blind or don’t want to know. By allowing the case numbers to escalate the probability of a new and potentially more lethal variant(s) skyrockets.

I wonder will it be the omega or the omega plus variant, which is the downfall of the complacent, the fatigued and bored? From beginning to end, from alpha to omega. The UK by its approach to high case numbers has increased the likelihood that it is responsible, yes directly responsible for a new virus mutation.

It is OK so long as we can get pissed out of our skulls on New Year’s Eve, we don’t care if we germinate new variants here, so long as we had a good time…and the jolly NHS is not overwhelmed.

Where is the notion of responsibility towards others?