Karmic Unravelling

In the news today the Epstein-Maxwell-Trump-Windsor-who else(?) situation continues to unravel. It is difficult to explain how you were photographed next to a convicted sex trafficker and someone who allegedly forced himself on underage woman. My guess is that this shebang has plenty of mileage, karma likes to unravel tangled webs. Epstein was perhaps gotten out of the way because he knew where the bodies are buried, is Maxwell next?

I am minded of how many people were best pals with Jimmy Savile. He was politically useful for them and then a mill stone by association. Brown nosing is not always a good idea.

Choose your “friends” a little more wisely?

Looking at Maxwell I get the impression that she may well have taken precautions and that there may be details kept somewhere safe and secure, as perhaps a get out of gaol free card. She looks calculating to me. It is possible. Her family are behaving as if there are a lot more cards to play in this game.

Power does not have to corrupt but so very often is does…