Manage and Control or Accept Karma?

Following on from this morning’s theme the O thread has extended to A and A and then further to T and J. There is some kind of conflab.

When you know from past experience what the mind-set of people is, you can have a guess at how they are going to behave. When there is an institutional modus operandi, it is unlikely to change. They will roll out the same methods over and over because “that is the way we do things around here”. Even when those methods don’t work very well, they will stick to them rather than create any new precedent.

As I was walking around the pond it occurred to me that people in general will try to avoid things by trying to manage and control situations. Many who say they will take responsibility do anything but. There is a lot of buck passing and finger pointing. I think it fair to say that there is a genuine shortage of true moral courage. Rather than accept their role in something and try to make amends most will try to wriggle out of things. Instead of facing up to their karmic responsibility they try a whole bunch of things and hope “it” just goes away.

I touched on this when I discussed how people are not accepting that allowing large numbers of covid cases increases the chance of new variants. All though people logically, at one level, know this they are using the cross your fingers and hope that doesn’t happen “strategy”. This is the covid variant pink elephant problem…

There are some situations to which there is no material solution, because the problem in itself is derived out of the very paradigm of materialism. It extends past a matter of materialism and into spirituality or things spiritual. The only way a “solution” can be found is to evolve a consciousness which transcends greedy selfish materialism. Thus, in many cases because of unwillingness and perhaps even a lack of ability there are some situations which must remain unresolved.

Until people are willing to accept their part in something and shoulder fully their responsibility the situation remains stuck and inert.

If I am for instance a non-returner and you do not resolve things with me in this lifetime, you will never again have a physical plane opportunity so to do. Consequently, you will have ongoing karmic debt until the end of this Kalpa. That debt may be personal and even national. I incarnated into your land, could not achieve anything much there because of prevalent attitudes and selfish behaviours. So, I left. There is residual karma there because the causes were personal interactions, particularly with those allegedly close to me. I was not, in my opinion, treated well. And even as I write you are generating more karma in your attempt to manage and control the situation.

All I have to do is offer. It is not the fault of the river if a horse taken thereto refuses to drink.

There are some situations for which there is no material resolution it has to be something higher.

Sorry chaps…