Predictions for 2022 – Has the Fat Lady Sung?

With over 3 million recorded new covid cases globally in the last two days it looks like next year is still going to be dominated by covid related news.

My first pass tarot / numerology for 2002 can be found here.

I really think people are struggling with all this wishful thinking that things are going to be “normal”. They are using confirmation bias to grasp at any miniscule sign that we have “beaten” the virus. You can’t beat something that does not have a plan and simply behaves naturally. The rhetoric is stupid. How can you “beat” a nanoparticle? Do you need a nanorod to do that?

There have been many attempts to delay the financial hardship.  But sooner or later just like a covid wave that blighter will come rolling along and break.

Surf is up!!

People do not want to change. Some still want a photo opportunity in Dubai / Maldives.

They are not getting the message. Our entire way of being needs to change.

Let’s be specific, materialism requires the use of ever more energy. Energy is in other terms heat. The more materialistic we are the more heat we put out, the hotter the planet gets. We can have nice summits where we get together and then do fuck all.  We can kid ourselves we have tried by meeting at some groovy location and having a nice chat with a photo opportunity. The result is pretty close to fuck all. In other words, hot air about hot air.

People do not realise that Putin has the testicles of Europe firmly in his palm. He can, whenever he chooses, squeeze hard.  In terms of negotiating which would hurt more, sanctions on Russia or no gas in Europe?

My best guess is that the world will remain stuck and will oscillate between ludicrous optimism that the “war” on covid is won, to the depressing realisation that restrictive measures are needed.

Sooner or later humanity might realise that it cannot have life on its own terms. Humanity cannot dictate terms to life…

I predict that civil unrest will rise, fast, next year.

I suspect that there will be more large scale climate related incidents.

Have you heard the fat lady sing?

No, me either…