Seeing or Psychosis?

Conventional wisdom has it that events can only be viewed via some form of photon capture, whether that capture is by eye alone or augmented by some instrumentation.

The notion of being able to view events from afar without the use of photons would be perceived by many to be utter poppycock.

So, if for example I say that I see a very strong triangulation between three people to the extent that they are close by in my perceptual space, yet in terms of physical plane distance they are over 100km away, is it my imagination, my psychosis? Or are these three people in cahoots? Have they been in physical plane contact and thereby established a connecting thread?

If I say further that one of this triangle, has contacted someone lets us call him O to advise him of recent events. Am I making that up, taking a lucky guess or did I “see” this?

Would me reporting this here constitute some anecdotal evidence or “proof” that seeing thing without photons is possible?

Is it possible to see in a clairvoyant sense or is that just some made up stuff?