Nobel Prize or निर्वाण nirvāṇa ?

As long as diseases afflict living beings

May I be the doctor, the medicine

And also the nurse

Who restores them to health.”

Whilst I was cooking dinner it ocurred to me that many of my former colleagues would rate getting a Nobel prize well over and above the attainment of nirvāṇa. I was overcome with a wave of sadness at the lack of depth and their obsession with the imagined “kudos” so conferred. It is all so material plane.

But that is it, the pinnacle of scientific achievement is an award dished out by the estate of an explosives manufacturer…as an attempt to assuage his conscience for having killed so very many people.

How noble are we that we should seek such an honour?

Buddha or Einstein, which is your God?

Strangely Einstein was more like Buddha than most current day “scientists”….

People are weird…