The New Age and the Externalisation of the Hierarchy

I consider my self to be a truly Aquarian being. By sound reasoning and comparison to published text I am also therefore a part of the so-called externalisation of the hierarchy. Somebody has to go first and as has been the case with so many things, often this is me. As a consequence, I get to bear the brunt, regularly.

What does the New Age offer? Well, it won’t be wokery and redacting the physical plane past.  Nor will it be all hippy trippy and all loved up. It certainly will not entail obsession with image. Image is imaginary it says so on the tin. Obsession with image is the antithesis of self-less-ness.

If you, like me, do not seek to control, or enslave by legal contract your fellow beings then you will feel a little at odds with current world. If you are free and easy and have few if any expectations, then people will find you hard to fathom. On numerous occasions people have asked me if they are meeting my expectations. When I say, no I don’t have any, they do not believe. This is because they expect me to have expectations!!

If you find the idea of manoeuvring people and leveraging archaic, then like me, you will not fit with modern business practice nor that endless quest for self-advancement.

If you think kudos is made up and not real, then you will stand out like a sore thumb.

There is a very long way to go before the New Age embedded with Soular intuition can fully manifest. People are not only obsessed with personality but their image of that thing. The world in general is deep in Maya and Illusion. And people think that I am the crazy one!!

Greed, selfishness and lust for power can be seen on all sides. There is no equanimity. The distribution of goods is very heavily skewed. As long as the materialistic can temporarily sate their ravenous materialism, they are “happy”. They do not give a shit for the poor and the needy. It is all about ME in so very many cases.

To shift from ME to all of us is going to take time. The one huge lesson from this pandemic is that we are all IN FACT, utterly interconnected. Yet “charity begins at home” is the mantra I have heard multiple times. People can justify a whole bunch of stuff, primarily their own self-interest with this “sage and wise” mantra. We all nod our heads and repeat it.

Although there is much work to be done, there are many people working towards the New Age. And if the Tibetan is right, many more have come into incarnation since he first mooted the externalisation and many more are on their way.

Sooner or later the old ways must perforce pass and the greedy and the selfish with them. I doubt that that I will be on this planet to see the results.

If humanity can only learn this one lesson about utter interconnectivity, then the pandemic has helped to usher in the first foothills of the New Age.