The New Normal

These last few months have been dominated by the wife’s increasingly worsening state of health. With the second of her two emergency admissions to hospital on the 15th of December. The time delay in getting the results for the biopsy was long and they suggested a diagnosis of sarcoma. This couple with the PET scan images suggested a short time interval before death.

An alternate diagnosis of myeloma was put forward and confirmed. In the light of this the PET scan images made a whole lot more sense and were no longer indicative of advanced and widespread metastasis.

We have a “better” cancer diagnosis if that is not an oxymororn

She / we are now day 18 into the first cycle of chemo-immuno therapy. There has been some symptomatic relief already and she has been able to leave her hospital bed for ours. The day still revolves around medication and in particular her two Oxycodone slow-release tablets. We have Billy-minor, the portable oxygen concentrator, next to the bed and he puffs away all night. I get to do all three meals and tidy up. I check blood oxygenation and temperature three times a day.

Because of the medication she is now immune compromised and a little anaemic. This means that she struggles to do any exercise without added oxygenation.

It looks like this is the new normal, for now.

There will be six visits to hospital a month, for the next two to three months. With a few additional ones added in no doubt. I need to arrange a colonoscopy to follow up my bowel cancer operation of 2015.  The wife probably can’t drive because she is a bit drugged up. They will give me a general so I will need some kind of taxi to take me there and bring me back.

I managed an hour or so in the garden yesterday. I lifted all ten of my mole traps. No moley! There is no new mole sign. Perhaps it drowned. I may get to do a little maintenance later today which will fill the trailer. So, I will get to go back to the tip. This is longest we have gone without a tip visit for quite some time.

Our new normal for 2022.

Oh, I nearly forgot, as soon as I finish this it is feed the birds and the stray cat….