Have You Ever Been Heinous to Another Being?

I have discussed in this blog before how people can use all sorts of tortuous justifications to try to appease what may be left of their badly wounded and beaten conscience. People can be truly heinous to others and yet not have the slightest inkling that they are being heinous. Their justifications are so utterly just and righteous.

How do your feel about the Jeremy Kyle show?

Do you look down your nose at it?

The truth is that so many of us are involved in situations of genuinely shit interpersonal dynamics. We are closer to the “trailer trash” than we imagine. People judge them but may have a lot more in common than they think. People are snobs, “we darling are champagne and not high alcohol content cider”.

I have a tentative hypothesis it goes something like this.

“Our so-called friends have the capacity to be way more heinous to us than any overt declared enemy.”

Have you ever been heinous to another being and then justified it away?