Is This Real?

Last night I got to the point where I contacted our old GP surgery in the UK to explore how we might proceed with things if we moved back to the UK. Being British they responded within 24 hours and tried to be helpful. We could rent a furnished house and decamp back to the UK for a couple of years.

Before we came to France, I had the impression that France was technologically advanced, intellectual and a top tier nation, generally.

Since we have been here, I am amazed that they manage to still be technologically competitive, strong in engineering and pharma, whilst utterly kneecapped with an administrative system that is archaic and cumbersome. They all complain about it, but nobody does sweet fanny Adams about it!

I am starting to get a tentative hypothesis that the French are a tad masochistic.

I am genuinely astounded that the mentality of a country so close by, differs so much. All the French people I have met in the UK seemed fine. But back in their own country some weird spell takes over.

After yesterday’s events I really don’t know what to do. There are a few days before the next cycle is due to start. I have six grand worth of drugs sitting on the shelf, good to go, procured well ahead of schedule because I know from experience that the system here is not well oiled and is prone to tardiness and problems.

This track record {a previous post} is more than a little worrying.

What will they forget next?

BOF sorry we forgot. It was an error.

There is a nice morgue quite close by…

Foxtrot it…I may have to start smoking again…that way I could stand outside the hospital and talk to the doctors by the ashtray…without having to organise an appointment a decade in advance!!