About A Million Cases

There have been around a million cases of covid 19 reported in France in the last three days. The population is ~65 million. So very roughly 2% of the population tested positive for the virus in just the last three days. Using a rough time lag between infection and death that points at, in a couple of weeks time, 4000 deaths a week.

I suspect Monday’s number will be really high. Most things are shut on a Sunday.

When I was last in town there was a queue outside of the nurse’s office waiting for either PCR test or vaccination.

The wife gave a blood sample to test if she has any coronavirus antibodies and we find out soon.

We have had two Moderna and one Pfizer…

The doctor said that there is a 66% chance that she will have some, though now she is immune compromised. I am filling her with antibiotics and anti-viral drugs.

Great time to get blood cancer – in the middle of a global pandemic. They have put off my routine colon cancer follow up colonoscopy for now.

If the spread continues according to the very rough similation below there could be as many as half a million cases per day by the end of next week!!

It might be time for me to do the heparin injections so that the nurses only come here once a week for blood tests…Might go back into “prepper” mode…click and collect etc.